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The ACD is the heart of every service center. The stronger the heart, the better the performance. The ACD in telerion is fully integrated in the comprehensive solution – not merely connected – and thus in a position to condense the information provided by the intelligent network and make it available to the user as an additional benefit. End-to-end communication and a seamless exchange of information.

Our ACD solution has been designed specifically for use in software designed networks and for use in the cloud.
It provides agents with a browser-based, exceptionally user-friendly interface that is highly efficient and productive.

Contact specific information, which also includes general, project-based real-time information, such as, for example, reports and evaluations, are available at a glance.
For management information relevant for supervisors or team leaders, individually designed interfaces with access to real-time data and comparative historical values are also available.


The ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system in User Layer has been specially designed to provide demanding customers with a top-featured ACD solution with full integration into high-level cloud environments and corporate infrastructures. It is a flexible, customizable and scalable solution that efficiently supports any corporate customer service at inbound missions.

The telerion ACD not only covers all traditional ACD functionalities, but also integrates a set of enhanced features, delivering a Unified Communication Platform for contact centers.

A focus on Skill-Based-Routing – or alternatively any other fixed or dynamic routing option if preferred allows for increased flexibility and a maximum of control over every inbound project.

The handling of waiting queues is flexibly adaptable to individual business needs and the integrated IVR module through the System Layer allows for integration of voice announcements and creating of further escalation procedures for business security purposes or for continuity of the service chain, e.g. adding a mailbox or interacting directly with the caller (like e.g. informing about the availability of the next agent or provide the option of changing the requested skill in order to allow for the shortest time to talk to an agent) which is helpful in increasing the customer satisfaction.

The telerion ACD comes with optional call recording module that can be disposed of according to the individual project needs.
A general recording of all calls can be defined or just specific calls of specific agents or e.g. only calls where the caller has previously explicitly given his permission to the recording.

Also, as auditing and supervising are essential procedures for call centers to ensure continu- ous quality and meet established SLA’s, telerion’s ACD also provides direct access tools adapted to the needs of Auditors, Coaches and Supervisors.

One of the key modules is the reporting and supervising one. It provides project specific and agent specific reports to track down the call center and agent performance.

The Agent operates through a browser based Agent tool integrated with direct telephony features and call control. The Agent tool centralizes all other channels if multi-channel channel communication is offered, such as chat, video call, etc.

General service specification:

Feature IncludedInc. Optional
Automatic Call Distribution X
Audit Module X
Automatic Email Distribution X
Automatic Fax Distribution X
Automatic SMS Distribution X
Automatic Chat Distribution X
Billing Module X
Call queues X
Call Recording X
Conference Bridge X
DTMF support X
Hunt Groups X
ICC (Interactive call collector) X
Music on Hold X
Outbound Dialer X
Queue Prioritization X
PBX module X
Skill based Routing X
Text to Speech X
Unified Communication X
Virtual Hold X
Virtual Queue X
Voice Announcements X
Voice Mailbox X
VoIP Extensions X
Voice Recognition X
WebRTC Integration X
Web based Agent tool (Browser based) X
Web based Super Visor tool (Browser based) X


Report Included
Abandon Calls by Group X
ACD reports X
ACD Statistics X
Agent occupacy X
Agent performance X
Session detail records (call, chat, etc.) X
Session Summary by Group ( Call, chat, etc.) X
Group statistics X
Seat occupancy X
Service Level by Group X
Channel Session Statistics (Call, Chat, etc) X

All reports can be run in real-time or for historic stored data. All monitoring information can be displayed over the monitoring application or screened to a wallboard or to the Agent application. With the report creator tool, additional or custom reposts can be created.

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